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Tuesday, April 28, 2015
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15 February 2015
In order to prevent unneccesary strain on energy resources, HEMC is asking members to voluntarily conserve electricity on Thursday and Friday as temperatures dip into single digits. For more on this visit our website at www.halifaxemc.com.

1 July 2014
Changes in state law enacted by the General Assembly and Gov. McCrory last summer affect taxes paid by your electric cooperative. As of July 1, the sales tax on electricity increased to 7%.

10 June 2014
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Operation Round Up

With Operation Round Up, your spare change can help to make a tremendous difference in the lives of those who need help within our community. Help us to help others by participating in our Operation Round Up program. By signing up, your electric bill is ‘rounded up’ to the next highest whole dollar amount. For instance, if your actual electric bill is $83.87, it will be rounded up to $84. The additional 13 cents provides monetary assistance for various charitable and non-profit organizations.
Average contributions are only about $6 per year, and never exceed 99 cents in a single month. Individually, the amount contributed to Operation Round Up may not seem significant, but put this change together and it can go a long way in making a difference within our community. 
Click here to sign up for Operation Round Up.
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